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Cyclops is the dream of a group of entrepreneurial friends, where we envision a company that manages to be a pioneer in the Industry with the Enabling of Disruptive, Innovative and High-Tech Solutions, but that is also a reference for our Cyclopes, Clients and Allies by inspiring great ideas and being able to be part of challenges that change the world, leaving a legacy that lasts over time.

Our journey around the world

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Building a dream

Start the business

We created the first version of the state company in Australia under the name LeWoIT.

Cyclops 1.0 is born

While at Globant we began to give a new focus to the company, formalizing the company's vision, the necessary talent and creating a differential portfolio of services in the market.

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Our first clients

The effort is beginning to bear fruit, managing to develop projects with some nationally renowned clients.

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Cyclops 2.0

We transformed our business, rethinking the portfolio of digital services and solutions, creating an ecosystem that would allow us to scale and generating complementary alliances to our services.


Our service portfolio is strengthened thanks to the Digital Transformation Driven by the Pandemic.


We consolidated our services and strengthened Cyclops' positioning, through the work carried out with important companies at a national and international level.

We continue building the future...
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Team experience

Our team of professionals has technical and human skills and a lot of experience applied in different projects around the world, which allows us to guarantee success in developing challenges with our clients.

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  • DevOps

  • FullStack

  • Agile Development

  • Nearshore Talent

  • End to End Cus

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  • Management

  • Cultural Hacking

  • Business Hacking

  • Agile Coaching

  • Digital Business Design

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  • Service Design

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Digital Product 4D

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Achieve your goals with our services
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